Car Batteries And What Affects Them

We often forget when we bought our last battery. And it is usually when the battery is dead before we start thinking on the when. Batteries come with a date on them that tells you when you purchased it. If its 3 years old or older, then your battery is considered an 'old timer' and needs to be replaced. Components of your car runs off the battery. Your radio, windshield wipers, all of the lights, without the battery, then your car won't go anywhere.

Over time all that drains on the battery and signs that your battery needs to be replaced is dimmer headlights when trying to crank or even a weaker cranking sound. Don't wait til you become stranded, bring your car in and lets see if the battery needs to be replaced. We can test your battery and check the date on it for you and let you know if that is the issue.
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