A Couple of the Inspiring Partnerships that Jeep Has

When it comes to helping the community, Jeep puts forth a lot of effort by partnering with different remarkable organizations. A couple of the organizations that Jeep has a partnership with include the USO as well as Access Fund. These organizations contribute towards helping many individuals in the community as well as the beautiful outdoors!

When it comes to helping people, USO provides many notable services for the community. The organization helps men and women in the service and assists in connecting them to their home, country, and loved ones. They do this through a number of different aspects. Some include programs for the service members and also their families, numerous USO centers, and even entertainment! It is remarkable how many USO locations there are throughout the world! There are over 200 USO locations that provide services and offer programs for families, service members, and others.

Another inspiring organization that Jeep partners with and helps to conserve the outdoors is the Access Fund. The organization makes strides by providing support to local communities and delivering information about climbing, and the impacts that the climbing areas and the environment have endured in different locations. There is also training offered to contribute towards the conservation of the environment for climbing.

Here in Lockport, NY, at Mullane Motors, we are excited with all of the strides that Jeep is helping to make with different organizations like USO and Access Fund. It is also exciting that Jeep brings us quality vehicles to help enhance our driving experience and make our daily explorations memorable. Make your travels exciting with a Jeep vehicle today!

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