It was too good to be true!

Spring seemed like it came early, but mother nature had a surprise for us! A powerful wind storm knocked power out for many residents all over New York (3 days of no power and NO TV for me)! After power got restored, mother nature brought us another surprise... over 2 feet of snow in under 48 hours! After the snow stops, the fun begins! We brushed off and moved over 270 cars to plow the entire lot! We do it for you, the customer, so you can easily access our vehicles... without having to wade through piles of snow ;)

Below is a picture of sales consultant, Joe Nelson, climbing over 2 feet of snow to get into a 2017 Dodge Charger. Thankfully, this Dodge Charger is all wheel drive, so it was able to power through the enormous pile of snow. For anyone who has never driven a 4WD or AWD vehicle, the difference in driving through snow is AMAZING! After today, I am really considering trading in my 2 door coupe (which got stuck in my driveway) for a Jeep Grand Cherokee!

Below is a picture of veteran sales consultant, Mark Doel rocking the snow plow. He did a great job clearing our lanes and parking lot. Today was a whole team effort. Everyone from the sales staff to auto detailers and even our sales and general managers were out moving cars. Spring can't come soon enough!

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