Let Us Fix Your Cracked Windshield

Windshield damage should never get ignored, no matter how minimal it may seem. Small chips and cracks compromise the strength of the entire sheet of glass. Small cracks in the driver's line of sight limit visibility and cause distractions. If not repaired, small cracks can become larger. This poses a risk of the windshield shattering.

Windshield damage that is smaller than generally the size of a dollar bill and not in an area that will cause a serious distraction for the driver can usually get repaired in a quick process that only takes a relatively short amount of time. Repairs may not make the damage much less noticeable, but it will prevent further spreading of the crack. If the damage is more severe or impairing visibility, you will need to get an entirely new windshield installed. This takes a somewhat longer time, and it may get covered by your automobile insurance in some cases.

If your windshield has gotten damaged, it is time to bring your vehicle to our service department at Mullane Motors in Lockport, NY. Our staff can assess the damage and repair or replace your broken windshield as necessary. Give us a call at the dealership to set up your windshield repair appointment today.

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